Week 3 Listening and Response Requirements

Today’s discussion about Hildegard and Pérotin was terrific. I can’t wait to get into some of the changes that happen in the Renaissance and Reformation next week.

As you prepare for your first listening quiz, you might want to consult the examples from today’s class available here.

Some of you have already approached me with ideas for your responses. Here are some basic guidelines to consider as you begin to plan for the rest of the unit.

Directions for Response Papers

For each unit, all students are required to critically respond to the material. These responses should show an engagement with a recurring critical theme or musical device from the unit.


All responses must have a point or thesis to be considered satisfactory. Creative responses, such as compositions or performances, must be accompanied by a brief, 500-1000 word explanation as to how the response is a critical engagement with the course material.

All other written responses are limited to 2-3 pages (double-spaced, standard font, 12 pt) and thus must make a cogent point in a brief amount of space. Concision is part of the challenge with an assignment of this nature.


If you are responding to music, you must cite the music properly. If the composer is known, name him/her. If the author is anonymous, you must state where you found the music and its approximate date by century.

If you are responding to something in written format, you must properly cite the author and title of the writing, along with the page number. Proper citation is part of the assignment. If you fail to cite the source(s) that you use, you will jeopardize your entire response.


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