Music of Islam Week 1

Listening examples for this last week are available here. You will notice that I uploaded the two examples of the Call to Prayer. As I stated in class, these will not be on Monday’s Listening Quiz.

Looking to next week… On Monday we will be covering Sufi music in Turkey and Syria. The assigned article, Jonathan Shannon’s “Sultans of Spin,” is available here. Lace Spencer is going to lead us in a demo. If anyone is uncomfortable with either moving or Zikr, please contact me through email. For Thursday, we will be covering Sufi music in Egypt, and I’ve asked you to read Scott Marcus’s musical discussion of Madh from Music in Egypt as well  Charles Hirschkind’s “Islam, Nationalism, and Audition” from his book, The Ethical Soundscape: Cassette Sermons and Islamic Counterpublics.


About kgoldschmitt
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music at New College of Florida, music scholar for hire.

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