It turns out that studying cantillation is a very old-fashioned enterprise in ethnomusicology and hebrew linguistics. What this means is that it is very difficult to find good articles. I found the good articles, but then the cloud that is the ILLiad system ate them before I downloaded them. Our options were to either a) reorder class and push off cantillation to next week in place of klezmer, or b) read something else that will still teach us some good stuff. I opted for b. Thus, instead of reading two articles allowing for a comparison between two different cantillation traditions, we only have one, and a different one at that. Thus, for Monday’s class, I would like you to read this article as well as the sections of “Liturgical and Paraliturgical” in the Jewish Music entry in Grove Music Online by Eliyahu Schleifer (the author of one of our lost articles). You can either access the interactive version of this through the library’s electronic resources, or you can look at a flattened PDF. NB: You do not need to read the entire article, just the introduction and the sections by Schleifer.


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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music at New College of Florida, music scholar for hire.

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