Music of Islam Week 1

Listening examples for this last week are available here. You will notice that I uploaded the two examples of the Call to Prayer. As I stated in class, these will not be on Monday’s Listening Quiz.

Looking to next week… On Monday we will be covering Sufi music in Turkey and Syria. The assigned article, Jonathan Shannon’s “Sultans of Spin,” is available here. Lace Spencer is going to lead us in a demo. If anyone is uncomfortable with either moving or Zikr, please contact me through email. For Thursday, we will be covering Sufi music in Egypt, and I’ve asked you to read Scott Marcus’s musical discussion of Madh from Music in Egypt as well  Charles Hirschkind’s “Islam, Nationalism, and Audition” from his book, The Ethical Soundscape: Cassette Sermons and Islamic Counterpublics.


CCM and More

As we discussed in class today, since I was out on Monday, we lost a class. Thus, we will be doing an extra class meeting this Saturday at 2:30PM in HCL 4.

In addition to 3 pages in Deep Listeners, the related readings are “Three Little Essays on Evanescence” by Mitchell Morris and “The Splintered Art World of Contemporary Christian Music” by Jay Howard and John Streck. Please prioritize the reading by Morris.

For those interested, I am attaching a video of the Charles Mingus Big Band (courtesy of Michael Waas).

Hildegard, Leonin, & Perotin

Next week we will be entering the brave new world of new chant composition, innovations, and their consequences for the medieval church. As promised, the readings are now available here. The chapter by Bruce Holsinger is controversial for sure, but I am hoping that his perspective on embodiment and music in cloisters can help us see the early sacred music developments from a broader perspective.

Becker Chapter 1

I have made a scan of Chapter 1 available (with some of my marginal notes…) as a PDF here. The first 10 pages of Becker are easily accessible through Google Books and Amazon Preview. I’m cross-posting this on Newdle (and clearly learning the unique properties of New College technologies).

UBorrow and Deep Listeners

A prospective student of the class tells me that the entirety of Judith Becker’s Deep Listeners is available through UBorrow. If you have trouble, the first 10 pages are available for free through Google Books, and I have a low-quality scan of chapter 1 that I can email you if you need — it’s just a matter of asking.

Good luck!